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I Remember everything you said. [entries|friends|calendar]
Another lost soul.

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So far.. [20 Aug 2005|05:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Been a whileee. So far schools good, i like my classes except spanish.. bleh. I feel like im repeating last year already and somethings gotta change.. duno wut though. And if its wut i think it is, well thats a toughy. And that sucks. Well what the fuck is up. Partying alot and straight chillen.. so far girls are outta their mind, involved, liars, cheaters, hoes, or jus plain worthless. I wonder if i have all of the above? heh. Im out.. peeace

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Pockets so heavy i cant walk steadyyy :) [27 Jul 2005|06:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Updating once again late and i must say once again summer is gg-rrr-eee-aaa-ttt lol. So far i lost my best friend, my only love, on her own mistakes, and i guess in her own ignorance shes throwing me away for good. I guess all i can say to that is damnit. And in the words of blink 182.. i guess this is growing up. No more arguing, no more grudges, no more bullshit with people and their drama anymore is how ive been living this summer, and i havent been hurt much other than those days where u just dont want to go on.. and those are few and gone. Ive got a nice life now, good friends, my familys good, my school is priority now and football starts with 2-a days this coming monday, so summer is over for me next week. So heres a closing to all the memories of my past, all my pain i went through in order to get here... Heres me saying

and Farewell... Sophomore year here i come... try and stop me ;)

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santo says hi :) [16 Jul 2005|05:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Long time no update. Well summers coming to an end fast enough and i must say this has been the best summer yet in my life. Everything looks good in my life, im getting big for football, and training hard. Im meeting new people and growing up, and ive learned a lot about life in the last few weeks. Ive learned whos fake and whos real, and what not. But to cut all the saavy shit lol today i dropped like $400 on new clothes for school .. i feel like a baller .. and look like one too ;). I seriously have a problem with preps now. I hate prepy guys and i want to hit everyone of them .. just seeing them in the mall made me laugh, their all poser fucks who listen to music, say "fabulous words", and dress like the crowd just to get laid, and any girl who falls for one has to be a idiot. Anyways i slowed down with partying this week but tonight im going to go out hard and along with the next week. Ive definitly been sober for wayyy to long haha. And on another note, i feel kinda blah about tiffany.. i dont know weather i should be mad for how fake she comes off to me now or about the fact that she cant call me while shes in ny for god knows what excuse... it sucks that she had to be that 1 highschool relationship that you end up regretting.

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Ohh sweet ladyy [12 Jul 2005|01:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]

The irony in this story,
Is how it all fell apart.
10 months in the making
And it was all for the taking
I wonder if the moment you kissed him,
If you felt it all fall apart
Or did your ignorance keep you together
I was there for you,
I was your boo, and you were my sweet lady.
I didnt fall for the love songs,
All the slow jams and oldies.
The only thing i fell for was passion
The passion i had for you.
Ask your self who would be better
Put it down in a letter, and when your gone
You can send it to me
So when your back and im gone
You can wonder if i gave you the same chance you gave me
You asked if it was a waste
And i gave you what you gave me
A chance for nothing to be.
You always wanted me to stay,
But you never wanted to bleed
Now i ask what to do
And they say do you still love her
And i swear i do, like i swore i never would stop
And i love that side of you that i kissed hello
I never wanted to say goodbye
But you were always first too
I said try, and we can make it work
And you laughed and i cried
And here i am; twice the man
That you can never find.
And in the future youll miss me
Youll wish you kissed me just one more time;
Just like you said you couldnt live without it
Well its time i say goodbye sweet lady
My lifes not going to be shady.

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goodnight [12 Jul 2005|02:14am]
poemCollapse )
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So i just woke up [11 Jul 2005|12:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

This song is the greatest.

Latley ive been hanging out with megan, gina, and paulie everyday. And thats cool :). Yesterday we chilled at kellys, the day before CJ's, and the day before the beach. Lifes pretty good. I just woke up so im going to go grub.. peeace..

PoemCollapse )

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Tonight [08 Jul 2005|02:37am]
[ mood | tired ]

Today was pretty chill. I got a new iPod because mine decided to get corrupt. Than i went back to sleep and woke up and went to joes so i could brake his BB gun. mwuahahaha. Paulie,megan, me and gina and robyn went to apple bee's, and we were supposed to go to streets finest but joey left so forgettt that. Ended up chilling in megans neighborhood until like 2 so now im tired and going to sleep.. goodnight :)

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[07 Jul 2005|05:30pm]
You know i read about you all the time.
When im alone and cant sleep in the middle of the night.
I break into a sweat, because im not in your life.
You know i anticipate the day,
When youll see me again.
For once i dont feel like anything is missing.
And tomarrows always a great day for kissing.
It seems life can go out without a you and me.
And the pain is starting to drift away.
I remember looking at the moon from the beach
Thinking where you were..
Some far exotic place, with some savvy guy
Turns out i was right.
But i know in the middle of the night,
He wont have my eyes
And he cant look at your face,
And fall in love with every line that completes you.
And if i ever meet you again,
Ill still remember what you did.
Until than, you still seem to be just a kid.
When are you going to grow up?
I stood by you for your rough times,
And when everything was so right,
You always seemed to find a way to pick a fight.
So here i am tonight,
Saying the way you look tonight..
Isnt so damn bright.
Now for once i think im right.
Sing me the Blues

Watching romeo and juliet.. heh [06 Jul 2005|07:16pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I wrote this June 17.. funny how life turns out.

June 17Collapse )

Watching this movie, makes me think.

People are so wreckless with things they have. They dont realize whats there until its gone, and when its gone. They think its over. They think death and pain is the only answer to the end of a love. They think fighting solves everything, they think pain will heal over time. It doesnt. You either fix things, or the pain lingers.

Heres a true story: When its over, its really just the beginning. And when it seems to be gone and done, its still waiting for a moment to come back with full force, and take everybody by suprise. Just because the sun sets, doesnt meen the sun wont rise again. So when love is gone, just like every thing else, love must come back. Weather it comes back from the girl you gave your love to, or a different girl gives it to you, love must return. Everything depends on her. Weather she is mature enough to face her mistakes, weather she is true enough to admit her lies, and weather she has love enough to sacrifice her gains; all depends on weather she is who you thought she was. Some eyes lie, some kisses are mistaken, some people are wrong. But love is not.

Love isnt a game. Its life at its fullest.

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Wrote something to somebody.. [06 Jul 2005|12:35pm]
[ mood | happy ]

PoemCollapse )

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What a day [06 Jul 2005|02:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

Lovely ... Never, ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won't you please arrange it ?
'Cause I love you ... Just the way you look tonigh :)

- i miss having that feeling, like your on top of the world; being in love and all you know. having that trust, and that bond, and thinking everythings undercontrol, no mistakes could be made, and as long as you 2 were therefor eachother, nothing would ever go wrong. And yet it left so fast.. but i never stopped smiling while i saw it falling apart, i stood there and tried to save it, with every last breath i had, and im a better person because of it.

So today was chill and fun. i woke up at like 1, talked to megan, went for a little jog, went to the pool for an hour. Than me and everyone went to joes and had a firecracker and bottle rocket fight. I had a wierd feeling and i was hungry so i went home, and sure enough something wierd happened. Tiffany said something to me that was so dumb. I know shes probably reading this, but im not going to bullshit about it, its kinda funny how you know someones intentions about things, and you know they probably feel bad and shit, but they still dont get it, and still try and act the same. I guess in a way ive changed and become a new me; yet the old me lingers in my personality still. I still feel like somethings missing, and im still not used to not having thatt "loving" feeling anymore. But everyday i get better, and everyday i smile more. Tonight was great, listening to berry white, made me so happy looking at the stars <3 ahahaha. But to make sense; theres no bullshit in my life anymore, and people know who they are, that i dont talk to anymore because all they do is fuck my life up. And im still my self, im still going to hear what you have to say.. because ill always be the better person and respect somebody for that, but dont fuck with my life if your not going to change and quit stupid ways. Your apology doesnt mean shit to me, if you dont know what you did, and if you wont act on it. Fix your mistakes, by fixing your self. End of story.

Im tired, and im happy, and im out.
Sweet dreams peoples.

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Im so iceyy [04 Jul 2005|12:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Yeayuh. Been partying every day for the last 2 weeks straight :). Im soo iceyy lol. Basically the last few days:

Friday: party at summit
Saturday: Party at dump and katrinas
Sunday: Partying at joes with everyone
Today: Party at dump or this girls house..

Oh shit im soo iceyy ;) haha. Lifes been pretty good latley, kinda lonley, but im getting back to my normal self so everythings looking good. I cant wait till i get my truck.. ohh shittt. Ok im going to go shower and work out @ planet fitness. peaceee

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wrote a poem.. (i was drunk) [30 Jun 2005|03:18pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

poemCollapse )

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So im drunk off my ass right now.. [30 Jun 2005|03:05am]
[ mood | drunk ]

yooooooooooooo. Jus got home from chillin with everyone. Today was good shit. Chilled with megan before i worked out, shes great <3, had a good jog, had a good work out, talked to everyone on the team. Got home, went out with everyone, went to the beach and than went by Espo's house for his party, shit was good, jess (sexica hahahha) came by and i chilled with her back at the beach. Shes myyyy dawg. And im the fuckicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmao. We ended up drinkin my 18 case of bud light and chillin, havin a good night with evuryyyone. Goodshit, alright im drunk and out the fuckin lJ ... peaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace..

btw.. lil mama drop it toooo tha floo huhhhhhhhh :)

i miss the fact that i was in love :/ ... still cant believe i got fucked over :(. owell, back to me dawg. lil mama lookin dixie, and santo workin that fixin ;).

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Santo aint no bitches! [28 Jun 2005|10:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

lol as the title says. werd.

Welp im bout to go out, to do bumfuck what ever. Im just putting up some pictures ive taken, im liking photography, i wanna start taking pictures of more things, its kinda cool to capture moments and all.

Before going out last night

Joes block at night after his party

Taken from my window on a rainy day

On joes bed thinking

Also, this is to people who want to make 1/2 assed comments (like the one on my earlier update), dont bring it into my life. I dont wanna make this thing private so kids dont make useless comments to me about things that just bring back bad memories. So lets do me a favor, and leave me alone :) thanks.

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what a night :) [28 Jun 2005|03:20am]
[ mood | happy ]

So i met a girl.

AHA GET THE FUCK OUTTTA HERE. just kidding. Im actually hanging out with this beautiful girl megan alot. Shes great. Brightest personality in a girl ive met in so long, and she brings out a side of me i havent seen for a long time. So yeah me, her, paulie, gina, jake and lindsey went to the inlet again tonight, and hung out. Shes such a dork, compared to me im nothing lol. Gezz. So yeah me n her r gunna hang out tomarrow hopefully and ill get to knwo her more.. lookin forward to it :)

On another note, saturday ; dump road ; 2 kegs.. hit me up 9027196 for info.

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Good party last night.. kinda bummed out. [26 Jun 2005|04:14pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Last night was awesome, if you went.. i know you had fun lol. We had a keg at dump road, it was slow from like 9-11 than it started pickinup. By 11:30 the party was jumping, it was fun shit. Got back in the scene, and i feel good that im gettin to know everybody again n shit. I guess i tore it up, i was all over the place talkin to old friends and crap. Goodshit in the end. Me, paulie, jake, lindsey, megan, and robyn went to the beach and it was one of the nicest nights ive seen, the moon was out and it was fun.. im glad im gettin to know her better.. :). Got back to the crib around like 3 and fell asleep after talkin to jess the beautiful lol.

I feel kinda fucked up right now, i feel like i lost a good friend.... that i put alot of time into. I dont like not having control over things, and i guess fate split us, (well thats a better way of looking at it.) its kinda fucked up when you worry about a girl, and she basically tells u to shut the fuck up about it. I never had a friend that did that to me, and it made me feel like complete shit. And i dont want to know people that are like that, i dont want to have anything to do with them really, cuz when everythings perfect, you leave and throw it all away, i knew it was going to happen, but i just dont know how to react to it all. Owell. enough about that shit...... im guna get some sleep.. peace

and btw.............. if shes reading this.. even though wut u said was fucked up. im still me, and im still gunna be there for you when u need me, just look over your shoulder kid, ill be there.

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Chill night.. [24 Jun 2005|01:14am]
[ mood | awake ]

Just adding picturesCollapse )

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What a night.. [23 Jun 2005|01:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So i just woke up, its almost 2pm. Goooooooooooooooooooodshit. Yesterday i woke up, talked to tiffany from her cruise. What a joke that was; im not going to get into it, but people are idiots sometimes. And dont know how to drink, and end up fucking up; having shots of goldshlauger with some random older guys on a cruise.. thats all ive gotta say about that. So i was blah, went to weight lifting, had fun like always, killed the powercleans and deadlifts. When i got home i went to joes. We got my bottle of morgons (What was left), did some shots, finished the night off with corona and smirnoff, and it was pretty chill. Paulie came by at like 2 am shitfaced as always, we went by taco bell.. took an hour to get there some how, but we got there. That new thing they have is off the chain. Alright im going back to sleeepppp ... peacee

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So i went to dunkin donuts at 3am.. [18 Jun 2005|03:46pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Friday night was chill. Chilled with rob joe and bonnie. Met up with brittney and whitney and chilled with them for a bit. Brittney.. heh.. someones got back.. lol. So yeah i went to dunkin donuts at 3 am and chilled there for an hour bullshitting (while drunk. of course) with this guy that was pedro from napolein dynamites twin brother. He hooked us up with a dozen free donuts and some muffins and bagels as usual lmao. Story of my life, mexicans <3 me. AHA.

Dont call haitians that work at Mc Donalds haitians if they fuck your order up, true story.. they WILL stare at you.

So somehow we wound up at walmart and i bought a camera and drove to the inlet and chilled for like an hour.. ill put pictures up later.. it was so hilarious, i dont wanna kno whow they came out though because i recall taking pictures of random things and i dont understand my thought process during this. I took 27 pictures before i even got half way out to the north jetty lol. So im going ot buy a digital camera next week and go back and take more pictures lol. So yeah it was a nice night, and i had a good time. I ended up staying up till 6 talking to megan on the phone about what ever.. soft ass santo.. lmfao goodshit! i think im going to see batman with my dad for fathers day? so im out.. stay tru young bl00dz.

<3 always, santo.

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